Sales of energy efficient window systems in a standstill

For the first time after 2004, delays in real estate projects and the tougher terms for the disbursement of mortgage credits will this year send the local market of energy efficient joinery in a standstill, after having witnessed all through this period an annual growth pace of 20% –30%. The building market advanced 35% in the first 6 months of the year.The local use of energy efficient window systems kicked off after 1990 and witnessed the most thriving evolution of all construction materials.
Marin Crutescu, honorary president of the Employers Association of Energy Efficient Joinery Producers (PPTT), says that although early this year the market players were expecting a rise in sales and last year’s sound performance to repeat, the slack real estate market and the tougher requirements of the banks for the release of mortgage loans resulted in a setback, especially on the end users’ segment.
Crutescu believes however that on-going real estate projects – office buildings, hotels or commercial centers – will offset this decline, so that the market may steadily keep this year to the one billion euros registered in 2007.
The trade market advanced 30% in 2007, with some 70% of the sold joinery products intended for the revamping of old residences, the rest being mounted in new residential buildings and office buildings, notes daily Business Standard.
PPTT president Valentin Petrescu considers that the market will not see a reinvigoration this year, but that the drop in sales on the residential segment was compensated by a 35% growth on the business sector. In his opinion, the market might resume the upward trend starting 2009.
“The market’s evolution this year will not affect too many producers. However, 30% of them might be driven out of business next year if they fail to comply with the new norms that will become effective on Feb. 1, 2009 and whereby they should get the EC certification mark for energy efficient joinery,” said Petrescu.Early this year the employers’ associations in the trade were expecting the joinery market to grow 10% – 15% from the one bln euros registered in 2007.
There are currently 1,500 producers of energy-saving joinery. PVC products account for 70% of the market total, aluminium profiles account for 10% and wooden products account for the rest.Some of the major competitors on the Romanian market are Gealan, Rehau, Veka or Profine Group, distributor of the Trocal, Kommerling and KBE profiles.

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