UPET Targoviste earns profit worth 14.043M lei in H1

UPET crude drilling equipment maker of Targoviste (south) earned a net profit worth 14.043 million lei and registered losses of only 1.541 million lei, in the first half of the year, say Company data sent to Rasdaq.

UPET revenues grossed 70.989 million lei, during this time span, exceeding 2.2 times that last year, whereas the expenditures posted 56.9 million lei, namely by 23.6 million lei more than over the first six months of 2007.
The Company’s turnover grew three times amounting to 59.302 million lei. Obsesione Enterprises Limited and Ogetto Limited, both registered in Cyprus, are the main shareholders of the Targovistebased drilling equipment manufacturer, each main shareholder owning 33% of the Company’s stocks.

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