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Delphi production of car components rises spectacularly

Delphi Packard Romania, the local branch of a US maker of car components, manufactures in the 2 operational factories at Sannicolaul Mare and Ineu, both of them in western Romania, wiring systems for car bodies and doors for more than 5,000 cars daily, four times more than the number of units daily manufactured by Automobile Dacia, south, reads calculations of the Business Standard daily.
Officials from Delphi Packard Romania told the said daily that the entire production of car components of the firm in Romania goes to export. Delphi, which employs over 8,000 people, intends to develop its activity in Romania through investment worth more than 100 million euros, in a new plant, out of Iasi, east. Officials of the company said they are facing difficulties in recruiting skilled manpower, but, for solving the problem, they concluded agreements with universities in the country, with that in Arad, west, first.

“The labour market in Romania has become, in the past years, more and more competitive, and the staff shortage has been felt after the coming to the market of new investors, and of the general economic development of the country,” Delphi officials said. The unit out of Iasi will manufacture, as of the end of the year, electronic management systems for Diesel engines. Delphi entered the Romanian market in 1997, when production started at the unit at Sannicolaul Mare.
Delphi, split from General Motors, is a multinational company operating 172 factories and 34 research centers in 41 countries. Its main competitors in the local market are Continental, INA Schaeffler and Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems.

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