Holcim investment in cement mills in Turda and Alesd

Holcim Romania Co. invested 35 million euros, in 2007, in the upgrading of a cement mill in Turda, center of Romania, and over 95 million euros, in that at Alesd, general manager Holcim Romania Markus Wirth told.
“Holcim Romania invested, over 1997-2007, more than 513 million euros in all the production units and in all segments – cement, concrete and aggregates. The company continues to invest this year as well, over 135 million euros in some projects in re-engineering, environment protection, business development and staff training, “ Wirth said.
According to him, in H1, the volume of cement produced by Holcim increased 22% from the same period last year.Wirth said that in the past years, the trend in the cement market has been positive, and the company expects the market to grow in 2008 some 20-25% from last year.“We want in 2008, too, to post a rise in turnover similar with that in the cement market,” the general manager said.The branch of Holcim in Romania does not export cement, the company is striving to meet most of the needs of the domestic market.

Holcim Romania is currently employing some 1,400 people in its cement mills, concrete and aggregate stations.
Over 1998-2007, Holcim Romania invested over 26 million euros in projects of environment protection, and in 2008 it is running projects worth more than two million euros, for all its work points, in Turda and Alesd, included.
Wirth said that for diminishing the impact on the environment, the company intends to curb emissions by promoting and implementing the best practices in the field. Other priorities are the rational use of non-renewable natural resources and the development of the co-processing of waste and rehabilitation programmes for industrial areas facing problems.
“The main investment made by our factories in the environment were aimed at high-performance dust filters, ovens, and mills of raw materials. Dust filters were fixed also to auxiliary installations,” said Wirth, adding that the production units were equipped with devices for continuous emission monitoring.
 “Last but not least, we have rehabilitated the quarries where we are taking the raw material from,” Wirth said.
Holcim Romania offers high-quality products and promotes products with lower CO2 releases, as well low-clinker cement.
“Our experience and our technical experts have proven that the properties and qualities of lowclinker cement fully meet the technical requirements of our customers and are recognized to last more,” Wirth also said.
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