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IT services companies, rises above estimates in 2007

The biggest companies of IT services on the Romanian market had last year a growth yield of over 25%, according to financial information of the main players on the market, centralized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). According to the figures of the Data Corporation, last year the market of IT services in Romania reached 320 million dollars (238.8 million euros).
The biggest rise reported in 2007 belonged to company Forte Business Services, the local branch of IT solutions and services of Siemens, which reported sales last year worth 47.7 million euros, up 110%, from 22.6 million euros at the end of 2006. Daniel Cruceanu, caretaker CEO said the share of services in the structure of turnover on the financial year 2007 was of 33%, about 15 million euros, in line with the structure of the Romanian IT market, still dominated by sales of software and hardware products. Forte’s goal by 2009 is to increase the IT services in the structure of turnover by 50%, the remainder will be represented by the sales of software and hardware.

HP Romania reported one year ago a 29.06% rise up to 55.6%. Besides, IBM Romania reached a turnover of 45.6% last year, up 18.13% as against the previous year.
Net Consulting, purchased last spring by Asseco Poland reported in 2007 a business of 32.9 million euros, according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the equivalent of a 30% growth over 2006, when the turnover stood at 25.3 million euros.
Ness Romania, local branch of American supplier of IT solutions an services Ness Technologies in 2007 the reported turnover reached 18.8 million euros, up by some 41% against the annual value previously reported, of 13.3 million euros. In 2008, the company targets to reach a turnover of minimum 22 million euros, the equivalent of some 18%.
IIRUC Service, taken over in November 2007 by Austrians of Raiffeisen Informatik, reported last year a turnover higher by 17.8%, up to 5.63 million euros. According to the company’s representatives the acquisition by Raiffeisen Informatik will prompt this year a turnover for IIRUC of 8.8 million euros, up by some 57% as against 2007.

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