Local notebooks market could double in 2008

The local market notebooks could double in 2008, compared with 2007, officials from Acer Romania, told a press conference on Sept. 2.
“The market of notebooks in Romania will account for 34% of the total computers sold in 2008, and that of desktops for 66% of the total PCs,” said manager for the segment of notebooks of Acer Romania Constantin Balmus, quoting IDC studies.
“On the market of desktops, the players have significant positions, the prices go down, the market is strongly dependent on governmental projects. The market of notebooks is more stable, and the prices have a strong erosion, of 20% annually,” Balmus said.
The market of notebooks could reach 450,000 units sold in 2008, according to IDC estimates.

“In our opinion, 80-90% of this sum can be reached, “ Balmus added.
Acer sold 23,000 units in H1 this year, according to representatives of the firm. 70% of the turnover of the company is represented by sales of notebooks. The company targets a market share of 20% in the notebook segment, in 2008. In H 1 this year, the market share stood at 19%.
Acer officials estimated that, in 2011, the market of smart phones could reach the level of the market of PCs.
The market share of Acer Romania reached 22.5% in Q1 this year, and the growth rate until that period stood at 200%.
Acer Inc. registered in H 1 this year a 30.6% growth in the consolidated revenues and a 39.5% advance in the operational revenues. Acer is the third biggest producer in the global market of PCs it is consolidating its position of leader in the region of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, says an analysis of Gartner institute.
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