Press review (Sept 10)

The main topics grabbing front-page headlines in Romania's national dailies of Wednesday are the Chamber of Deputies rejects unqualified motion tabled by the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L); business analysts expecting record Q3 growth; Romanians protest against CERN nuclear experiment.
Ziarul financiar remarks that the motion tabled by the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) against the Government to protest at what they call the crisis in the public heat system was rejected on Tuesday by the Chamber of Deputies, as it garnered only 83 votes, short of the necessary 125, although there were 248 MPs attending the vote session.
This motion regarding the public heat systems is the first in a series of motions promised by the Opposition during the current Legislature, the paper explains, adding that PD-L and the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) are expected to table more motions separately, one against the education policy and asking for Education Minister Cristian Adomnitei to resign, and another one against the agricultural policy.
Gandul notes that Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of job hiring, reporting that a recent report by Manpower indicates Romania has the largest number in Europe of companies considering hiring staff in the next three months. The same report reveals that 32% of Romanian employers are considering increasing their staff, and only 11 cutting it.
Ziarul financiar remarks that Q3 2008 promises to be the best in Romania's economic history, as a record 10% economic growth or more is expected in this period, on peak agricultural yields, and the rise of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could near 9% late in the year.

The paper notes that Romania has never before recorded so big an economic growth on a quarterly basis, informing that ING Bank analysts have upwardly adjusted by 1% their GDP projections for 2008, from 7.8% to 8.8%. The paper quotes ING Bank Romania Senior Analyst Nicolaie Chidesciuc as saying the agriculture is expected to have a significant contribution to GDP formation in the third quarter of 2008, a time that usually is a peak time.
The paper also quotes Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian as voicing more pessimistic expectations, saying the economic growth this year would be 8%. Vosganian says the Ministry of Economy and Finance will upwardly adjust its GDP projections following another reassessment this spring.
Ziarul financiar and Business standard remark that Romanian managers are high on a world list in terms of purchasing power. The wage increases for the management positions, a stagnation of real estate prices and economic recession on the world markets have propelled Romania to the 8th position in the world in terms of managers' purchasing power, according to findings of a report by management consulting firm Hay Group.
Jurnalul national remarks that Romanian scientists are taking part in the big scientific challenge of the century, the reenactment of a Big Bang, albeit a smaller one, in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN). It informs that today researchers will reenact experimentally the first moment in the life of the Universe, a scientific event that some fearful people see as the end of the world. The paper carries an interview with Director of the Horia Hulubei Institute Nuclear Physics and Engineering Nicolae Zamfir, which vouchsafes there is no risk attached to the experiment, and that there are 60-70 Romanians involved in the project on behalf of the Romanian institute.
Ziua remarks that the Conservative Party has taken to the streets in an attempt to stop this most important scientific experiment in the history of humankind, which they see as a threat to the fate of the galaxy. PC Senator Marius Marinescu and PC Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu on Tuesday gathered some 50 fee-paying members of the party and a dozen of journalists before the Bucharest offices of the European Commission in a last attempt to have what they call an experiment endangering the lives of 6 billion people stopped.
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