Romanias market for adhesives advances 30-40% a year

Romania’s market for adhesives is advancing at a pace of 30-40% a year and its increase on the segment of dry mortars is estimated at more than 70%. The Romanian market for dry-stacked masonry systems, in which the weight of adhesives exceeds 50%, is expected to reach 600 million euros in 2001, up from 2007’s 250 million euros for some 1.3 million tonnes of products.
Given the predictions, the main players nationwide are conducting massive investment in developing production facilities in the central county of Cluj and in expanding the existing facilities.
Henkel Romania, the largest player in Romania’s relevant market, opened last autumn its second factory at Campia Turzii, boosting its output from 250,000 tonnes to some 450,000 tonnes of adhesives a year.
The adhesives department of Henkel Romania will start off this year another investment project put at 10 million euros to build a new factory in the northeastern part of Romania that should be able to put out 200,000 tonnes of adhesives a year, similar to the output of the factory at Campia Turzii, which is 250,000 tonnes a year.

Henkel has so far invested 30 million euros in developing its adhesives department in Romania.
Henkel Romania, the brand under which all the Henkel operations in Romania are conducted, is this year betting on a rise of 36% in its business turnover from 141 million euros in 207.
Baumix, a local manufactures of adhesives and construction materials, has started this year an investment worth 2 million euros in retooling its factory in the central town of Gherla, and it is contemplating expanding its output to 300,000 tonnes of adhesives and masonry systems a year, with 60% of the production to be yielded by the factory at Gherla. Baumix is currently the owner of two factories in Romania – one in the southern city of Ploiesti, with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes a month, and the one in Gherla, where it is currently producing 2,500 tonnes of masonry systems and adhesives a month.
Baumix was established in 2004 and it is fully owned by businessman Augustin Russu, a former sales manager of the adhesives business of Germany’s Henkel group.
Another company expected to invest in production development, Bega Industrial Minerlas, a member of the Bega group of companies controlled by Marius and Emil Cristescu of the western city of Timisoara, has announced it will soon finalise an investment worth 3.5 million euros in building a factory for floor and ceramic tiles and polystyrene at Aghiresu, Cluj County.
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