All Group estimates 4.7 million euros in turnover for this year

All Group, one of the biggest players on the local book market, estimates 4.7 million euros in turnover for this year as against 3.6 million euros last year by consolidating its position on the segment of the practical, hobby and business books, according to the representatives of the company.
“Our plans include the preservation of the position in the filed of books on medicine and child care, history and education,” Gabriel Scinteia, a representative of the above-mentioned group, told the press.
The company mentioned before publishes about 400 titles a year and the market share is 7-7.5%, according to the data supplied by the group. The most important competitors are the publishing houses Polirom, Corint, Humanitas, RAO, Nemira, Paralela 45, Teora and Curtea Veche. Although the group under consideration does not operate by means of a chain of bookshops of its own, the books are distributed in all the important bookshops in Romania.

Books may also be bought through the Internet, said Gabriela Preda, marketing coordinator of the group. At this moment online book sales account for 7% of the total quantity, that is over 250,000 euros. One of the aims of the company is to enter the multimedia zone through several projects.
The book promoting budget that was allocated this year amounts to about 380,000 euros. “Our intention was to start as many new promotion campaigns as possible besides those that have become tradition (campaigns devoted to the teaching staff or bookshops, school beginning campaigns),” said Gabriela Preda.
The book promoting actions are supported by classic channels, especially by the print press, but also by the online means. In the first ten best sold books of the aforementioned publishing house there are books included in the series of the 100 most beautiful cities of the world, the 100 most beautiful museums of the world or the 100 wonders of China.
The representatives of the group say that the local book market will amount to 100 million euros in 2008. According to Gabriel Scinteia, the estimation refers to the value of the book market at a retail price, that is the price paid by the final buyer. He added that publishing houses were sometimes related “to a value of the book market determined by the price taken by them, which is lower by the discount granted to the retail sector.”
Scinteia thinks that the most valuable assets of a publishing house are the people and the publication rights, for both of them the assessment being quite subjective.

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