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Basescu: Strategic Partnership with Korea is first document of its kind signed with a country in Asian Pacific area

President Traian Basescu said on Thursday, at the end of the meeting with his South Korean counterpart Lee Myung-bak, that the Joint Declaration on Concluding a Strategic Partnership between Romania and the Republic of Korea was the first document of its kind Romania had signed with any country in the Asian Pacific area.
"I am thanking you for the very good talks we have had today, talks that materialized in signing a document that means the creation of a Strategic Partnership between Romania and the Republic of Korea. The 18 years of continuous economic growth of the relations between the two countries made us sign today a Strategic Partnership that is grounded on several elements: political dialogue, economic cooperation and stimulation of investments, cooperation in the field of security, cooperation in multilateral bodies at world level too, cultural and social cooperation," said Basescu.
The Head of State voiced conviction that by the next meeting with his South Korean counterpart, which he said he hoped to be held next year, the Foreign Ministers and the other ministers in charge of these questions would develop this document in order to make it come true, by the involvement of the institutions of the two countries.

"We have also examined together the energy projects in the Black Sea region, which are interesting both for Europe and the Republic of Korea. I am thanking you for the total similarity existing in the approaches of Romania and Korea to the questions we have talked about and I assure you of Romania's determination to consolidate the relationship with the Republic of Korea," said Basescu, who also invited President Lee Myung-bak to Bucharest.
In his turn Lee Myung-bak said that the Republic of Korea wanted both the development of the bilateral relations with Romania and a cooperation as long lasting as possible with Romania internationally.
According to Lee Myung-bak, signing the Strategic Partnership is another step taken in consolidating the relations between the two countries and the cooperation, not only in economic, political and security issues but also in social and cultural questions.
"We shall draw up an action plan that should lead to the materialization of this declaration as soon as possible," said Lee Myung-bak.
He added that the Republic of Korea wanted to cooperate with Romania in building nuclear reactors and in IT too.
"We have talked about Romania as an attractive destination for Korean investments too and their development in the years to come. We have also talked about the situation in the Korean region as well as of the one in the Black Sea area. President Basescu voiced interest in the efforts for the democratization of North Korea," also said Lee Myung-bak.
President Traian Basescu started a state visit to the Republic of Korea on Thursday morning.

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