Car pollution tax is one of the sources of the Environment Fund

Car pollution tax has been included among the sources of creation of the Environment Fund.
An emergency ordinance from 2005 on the Environment Fund was modified and completed by the Government, last week, for the normative act to be in concord with subsequent legislative modifications.
A press release reads that the main modifications are the inclusion of the car pollution tax among the sources of creation of the Fund, the listing of the categories of programs and projects to be financed from the sums collected for that tax, the introduction of an additional contribution from administrative-territorial units, if they fail to meet environment requirements.

Among the programs to be financed, there are the program for boosting the renewal of the national car park, the national program for the improvement of environment quality by landscaping towns and cities with green areas, the program for the replacement or completing of classical heating systems with some ones using solar energy, geothermal and wind energy, projects for the a forestation of degraded soils, projects for the refreshing of lands, projects for building tracks for bicyclists.
Each program or project will be accompanied by a guidebook, to be drawn up by the Fund’s Administration and to be approved by an order of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development.
Administrative-territorial units will pay a contribution to the Environment Fund, as of July 1, 2010, if they fail to annually diminish municipal waste by 15%. The contribution stands at 100 lei/tonne of waste.
The ordinance issued last week also sets the deadlines for the payment of the new taxes, and increases from 2,000 to 2,500 lei the fine for failing to submit in due time the declarations on the obligations to the Environment Fund.
The Environment Fund is an economic-financial instrument for supporting and achieving environment protection program and projects.
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