Cigarettes, beer and juice, sales amounting to 1.45 billion euros

The cigarettes, beer and juices, the largest market segments in the field of consumer goods, cumulated retail sales amounting to 1.45 billion euros in the first six months of this year, according to the data supplied by the Nielsen market research company.
Some of the categories that asserted themselves on the market and continued their growth this year are coffee, chocolate and salami and sausages. All in all, the most developed 20 segments on the relevant local market cumulated sales amounting to almost 2.7 billion euros in the first six months of this year.
The above-mentioned study refers to the sales in hypermarkets and supermarkets but also in the traditional retail stores (mini-markets, district food stores, kiosks, etc). The cash & carry networks and other kinds of wholesale stores were not included.
If one considers all the distribution channels, segments such as cigarettes, beer, dairy products or soft drinks exceed the threshold of annual sales of one billion euros on a market that was estimated at 10-15 billion euros in all. The most dynamic categories in the classification made by Nielsen were oil (60.4%), pressed cheese (58.8%) and still drinks (38.4%).
Although this summer was less hot, the sales of soft drinks and beer, products that are mostly sold in summer, advanced in the first half of the year by over 20%. The Nielsen study points to a 20.6% increase in the retail sales of beer, whereas fizzy juices increased by about 30 percent and the category of still drinks (still juice containing less than 25% fruit) struggles to catch up and has a higher growth pace, 38.4%.
On the segment of alcoholic drinks, the growth rates of the sales in every six months were more modest as compared with the soft drinks market. Thus, brandy advanced by about 12% and amounted to almost 47 million euros in the first half of the year. Vodka was the category with the lowest growth rate in the classification mentioned before: 1.6%.
Beer, brandy and vodka are the only three segments on the market of alcoholic drinks included in the above-mentioned classification. The most categories that are higher in the classification are to be found on the food market. Some of them are chocolate, salami or yogurt.
Some of the biggest active producers on the local market of consumer goods are British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, European Food & Drinks, Kraft Foods and Nestle. Both on the tobacco market and on the one of beer and soft drinks, the bitterest struggle for the first position is fought among the multinational companies.

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