Currency reserves of BNR up by 682m euros in August

The currency reserves of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) stood at the end of August 2008, at 25.92 billion euros, up 682 million euros as against the previous months, the National Bank of Romanian informs.
The growth was the result of the following operations: inflows worth 1.864 billion euros, representing the modification of minimal reserves in foreign currency established by loans institutions, the supply of the European commission’s account, revenues from the management of international reserves and other outflows worth 1.182 billion euros representing the modification of the minimal reserves in foreign currency established by the credit institutions, payments of installments and interest rates due to the foreign public debt direct or guaranteed by the state, payments to the European Commission and others.
The gold reserve maintained at 103.7 tonnes, but allowing for the evolutions of international prices, its value decreased to 1.893 billion euros. Therefore, Romania’s international reveres (foreign currencies plus gold) stand at 27.813 billion euros.
The payments due in September 2008 in the account of the foreign public debt, direct or guaranteed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance total 76.57 million euros.

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