First luxury perfume store opens in Romania

Elysee Concept on Thursday, September 4, opened Masion des Parfume, the Perfume House, in a central villa in Bucharest City, the first luxury perfume store in Romania, on an initial investment of 500,000 euros. The store will sell more than 30 perfume brands. All the perfume ingredients to be used in this concept store are natural. The most expensive, priced at 3,500 euros, is part of the MDCI Parfums collection.
“Elysee Concept will import to Romania references in the perfume making art, including the most exclusive names of the world that even Western buyers cannot afford,” Elysee Concept manager and owner Cristina Balan told the press.
Other players on the Bucharest market for luxury perfumes are Madison and Createur 5 D’Emotions.

The most expensive perfume so far in Romania was Clive Christian, with a price tag of 2,000 euros, retailed by Madison.“Elysee Concept sales will not be limited to the concept store we have just opened, because first of all Elysee will mean luxury perfume retailing. All the 30 brands in our portfolio will be distributed in Romania and Bulgaria exclusively by us. Moreover, we intend to develop a national network by opening new locations under partnerships, franchise agreements or distribution contracts. We expect our sales to near 1 million euro in 2009,” says Balan.
According to her, the type of customers the company wants to attract is not limited to people on above-the –average incomes, because consumer habits in Romania are different than in other markets. “The traditional consumer pyramid is not applicable in Romania. People on incomes above the average are not automatically customers of luxury perfume stores and vice versa.
Consumers spend considerably on products that make them stand out in the crowd, so there may be people on average incomes willing to invest a lot in their dream perfume,” Balan explains. Among the brands in the Elysee Concept portfolio are Absolument Absinthe, Ambregris Paris, Amouage, Memento, Parfums MDCI, Penhaligon’s, The Different Company and Washington Tremlett.
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