Garanti: We spent 1.2M euros on Bonus Card launch

Turkey-based Garanti Bank spent 1.2 million euros last year to promote the “Bonus Card” branded credit card, launched as part of its retail market campaign, papers wrote Sept. 3.
Currently, the bank has over 12,000 cards in its portfolio, while the value of cumulated lines of credit granted amounts to 7.5 million euros.

“We sell between 1,500 and 2,000 credit cards per month. In July and August we saw a slowdown in our activity, but we will make up for it starting September,” the press quotes Garanti Bank card department manager Ilgaz Kaya as saying.
From the approved limits, the clients used 2.5 million euros in funding. “We have an acceptance problem in Romania, because although the big merchants started accepting cards, there are still many places where one can only pay in cash, and banks have to cooperate for the network to develop,” declared Kaya.
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