Interbrands Marketing & Distribution upbeat again

Interbrands Marketing & Distribution, the biggest distribution company of consumer goods (FMCG) has returned to more optimistic growth estimates for this year, after an avalanche of negative news items started to be aired at the beginning of 2008, about the impact of the decline of the financial markets, causing fear among the companies in the market.
Managers in the market keep saying the too high prices this year for fuel and foods, and an increase in the cost of crediting led to a slow down in consumption development for FMCG, in H 1 2008, compared with last year.
Rand Sherif, CEO Interbrands Marketing & Distribution, said the market trend in H 1 was above expectations, so, he is optimistic now about the growth rate. He adds that a preference of consumers for premium products can be noticed, but not as strong as a year ago.

Interbrands Marketing & Distribution posted last year losses worth 0.8 million euros for business of 1.07 billion euros, read data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, taken over by the Business Standard daily.
The company had reported, in 2006, business worth 767 million euros, and a net profit worth 1.7 million euros. In the distribution portfolio of the firm, the most important suppliers are Procter&Gamble and British American Tobacco.
The company has been present in the Romanian market since 1993, its first partner was Procter&Gamble. It subsequently took over the distribution of British American Tobacco, Nestle, Cadbury, Orkla Foods and Rock Star beverages. The last two no longer are in its portfolio. Interbrands is part of Lebanese group Sarkis. The group is based in Beirut and operates divisions in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mongolia, Dubai. The company carries out activities throughout Romania, it is based in Bucharest.
On the market of consumer good distribution, active are the companies Top Brands Distribution, Aquila, Astral Impex, Elgeka-Ferfelis, Macromex, Whiteland, Lekkerland Romania. The second biggest company, Top Brands Distribution, has in its portfolio of suppliers firms such as Philip Morris and Kraft Foods.
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