Most important 28 Romanian PR agencies earn 20M euros in 2007

The most important 28 Romanian PR agencies reported a cumulated turnover worth 20 million euros, in 2007, by about 53% more than a year before.
Given the market maturity (a sign for that being the increase in the client basis) the PR agencies started to diversify their services range, the turnover scoring considerable growth. Nevertheless, the PR agencies’ balances are clearly lower than those of creation and media.

In the year 2007, Millennium Communication tops the list with a turnover worth 2.6 million euros, by 343% more than in 2006, DC Communication comes second with 2.1 million euros, less than a year before, followed by BDR Associates with 1.9 million euros, by 39% higher than in 2006.
There is one more fertile field for courageous, innovative ideas, in Romania, compared to the developed countries where things are strictly delimited, McCann PR Agency’s managing partner Imola Zoltan told the press.

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