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Romsilva forests almost 11,000 ha of lands, in H1 2008

National Forest Corporation Romsilva (RNP) forested in H1 2008 an area of 5,147 ha and made regeneration works on 5,842 ha, up 13% from the areas in its programme, RNP data read.
Of the afforested area, 269 ha are ecologic reconstruction works on degraded lands, taken over to the forest fund.
The programme of regeneration of the forests in the state forest fund, for 2008, includes the forest regeneration works on an area of 15,400 ha, of which 7,570 ha natural regeneration (49.2%) and afforestation on 7,830 ha (50.8%). In 2008, Romsilva has scheduled ecological reconstruction works on 900 ha.

The regeneration works were worth 59.2 million lei.
In H1 2008, Romsilva set an wood evaluation programme of 4.52 million cu m, compared with the annual programme of 9.058 million cu m, with achievements standing at 96%, or 4.34 million cu m.
Romsilva is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), it manages 3.6 million ha of wood in the public property of the state and around one million ha of private forests.
Romsilva posted in H 1 2008 a turnover worth 550.8 million lei, up 14% from initial estimates, according to Romsilva data.
Romsilva’s revenues have come from the good use of wood, of other products.
Revenues worth 5.23 million euros, or 35% of the annual programme, have resulted from the export of products resulting from the processing of wood, of hunting products and accessories, from the organization of hunts.

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