Sibiu-based derivatives exchange hits record high trades

Investors on the Sibiu-based derivatives exchange concluded on Sept. 3 as many as 27,174 futures and options contracts, establishing for the second day in a row a 6 month liquidity record, shows a report of the Sibiu-based Monetary Financial and Commodity Exchange (Sibex). A total of 3,634 trades were concluded for a turnover of almost 50 million lei, almost twice the figure registered on the spot market. No less than 64,559 contracts were concluded in just 3 sessions, which is half the turnover over the whole month of September 2007.
“After the August turnover keeping at a level similar to the one in August 2007, September promises to be a highly prolific month with transfers contributing to higher liquidity The turnover reverted to the upward trend we had become used to in June and July, and the trading pace gives us reason to believe that until year-end we will see results superior to 2007 every month,” said Sibex president Teodor Ancuta.
The market features changed from the previous sessions, with most quotations following a downward trend.

DESIF 5 was subject to 18,827 contracts, which is the equivalent of 18.8 million shares; 79.21 of the turnover of these securities was for contracts maturing at the end of current month, for a price varying between 1.81 and 1.9585 lei. The quotations closed on a low, by 9.5 bani less.
Contracts with a December maturity represented 18.9% of DESIF 5 contracts; a share was priced at 1.8609 lei, 8.91 bani less. March 2009 maturing DESIF 5 closed on the falling, losing 8.87 bani down to 1.9513 lei/share; DESIF 5 maturing in June 2009 had a similar evolution, subject to depreciation of 1.02 bani, closing at 2.0001 lei. DESIF 2 was subject to almost 8,000 contracts.
All four available maturities witnessed a falling trend. Contracts due in September and December 2008 saw depreciations of 10.5 and 10.89 bani respectively, resulting in quotations of 1.695 and 1.7651 lei/share respectively. Referenced to the first two deadlines in 2009 DESIF 2 lost 10.49 and 11 bani respectively, with the shares’ price hitting 1.855 and 1.94 lei respectively.
Back to trades, derivatives on ‘Banca Transilvania’ shares ranked third in the hierarchy with 118 contracts. Investors intensely bet on the short maturity, taking the quotation price to 0.297 lei/share, 0.6 bani less.
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