UniCredit Tiriac Bank braces to go past 200 outlet line

One year after the release on the market, UniCredit Tiriac Bank, which came up following the merger between UniCredit and HVB Tiriac, gets ready to outrun 200 units, the institution announced.
UniCredit Tiriac Bank stepped up the expansion of the network of units.
The executive manager of UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Rasvan Radu said that at the same time with the release of the consumer finance operations and the entry into the segment of customers such as small and medium-sized enterprises, the financial institution aims to exceed the threshold. The bank will open over 100 units in order to exceed 200 by December. In the first half of the ongoing year, UniCredit Tiriac Bank opened 36 new units, daily Business Standard reports.
Net profit of UniCredit Tiriac Bank grew 16.9% in H1 as agiants the same period one year ago, up to 48.3 million euros, above the set objectives, allowing for the rise in assets by 12.2 percent compared to December 2007.
Therefore, the assets of UniCredit Tiriac Bank reached 4.06 billion euros at the end of June 2008. The volume of ongoing loans, including those directly financed by the mother company, went up 66% over the same period of the previous year, up to 13.6 billion lei. The volume of deposits grew 26% as against June 2007.
At least until the release of the activity of consumer finance, the business of UniCredit Tiriac Bank continues to rely mainly on the corporate sector.

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