US CGS IT services provider to hire 600 people for new call center

US Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) IT services provider is hiring 600 people for its new call center opened in Brasov (central), in April. “When we opened the center in Brasov we planed to hire 100 people during the first three months. We succeeded, and were lucky to meet special people. We are now in the second stage when we have to build a strong local management,” CGS Romania manager Vladimir Sterescu told the press.
The Company wants to recruit manpower exclusively from the local market and to invest in the new employees. CGS goal was to test the local market, meet people and establish its management, CGS Romania official stressed. In Brasov, CGS seeks people for 5 posts, mostly technical support operators speaking several foreign languages, CGS Romania recruitment webpage reads.
Recruitment is definitely easier in Brasov than in Bucharest, the Brasov market having a better potential but it is smaller than expected compared with that in Bucharest, which remains the main operational basis, after all. The Company sent to Brasov a managing team from Bucharest, but it is quite likely it comes back, Sterescu pointed out.

After its relocation, a couple of months ago, the Bucharest-based CGS branch started massive recruitment for some new clients. And it still plans to number 2.000 employees by the end of the year. We already have the clients and everything depends only on us and the manpower’s willingness to accept the games we offer, Sterescu added.
Entry level salaries in a call center start from 200 euros a months but they can reach 400 euros, depending on the capabilities and the number of foreign languages the employee speaks or on the place where in Romania the call center is situated. Salaries in the call centers located in other places than Bucharest are by 20-30% lower. We haven’t gone to Brasov because the salaries and costs are smaller, and they are comparable with those in Bucharest.
Nevertheless, we want to grow faster recruiting from two different places, CGS Romania official said. The Company works for the most important telecom operators on the Romanian market, financial banking companies or companies such as Microsoft, Siemens and Xerox, and only 30% of its contracts are concluded with clients on the local market.
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