First Golf Driving Range in Bucharest

An investment of 20,000 euro in equipping a golf field, the purchase of new equipment and 2 coaches were enough to open the first Golf Driving Range in Bucharest, Ziarul Financiar daily reports on Sept. 4.
The investment has been made thanks to singer and actor Lucian Viziru, who, after 15 years in which he won numerous titles of tennis champion and vice-champion, discovere  a new passion, the golf.

The field is 250-meter long and 30-meter wide, being the first in Romania where the balls’ landing is made on water. The number of golf club members after 1 month since its opening is 100.
The annual tax is 340 euro per member. The golf season lasts from April till November.
According to Viziru, there are about 2000 players in Bucharest, of which 75% are foreigners. “This sport is not very well-known in Romania and it is regarding as an exclusive one,” Viziru said, adding that in order to reach an average level, a player must practice one year with a very good coach.
Viziru explained that a professional golf field with 18 greens stretching on 40-50 hectares, requires an investment of 2-3 million euro for equipment, and the money are won back in about 10 years.
Golf was introduced in Romania by Professor Paul Tomita (1914-2004), the one who participated between 1968 and 1975 in six World Golf Championships and two open tournaments. Tomita was the one that taught former Romanian ruler King Michel I to play golf.

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