Four new PNDR measures might be launched in September says Agriculture Minister Ciolos

Romanian Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry (MADR) might launch this September four new measures from the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR) if the procedures are well prepared, Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos told.
“We are also intending to take the steps for the development of rural tourism and microenterprises as well as those for subsistence farms and young farmers. It all depends on the developments in the preparations of the access guides and procedures,” said Ciolos.
He added that the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) will take into account the latest developments in the four new measures because it wants to avoid any problem with processing the applications.
MADR launched the first PNDR measures on March 3, 2008 and they regard modernising farm holdings, increasing added value of agricultural and fishery products and village development.

So far, the Agency for Rural Development and Fishery Payments (APDRP) has finished assessing the projects submitted in two sessions for the three measures transmitted in March and April.
There are 678 eligible projects in all worth some RON 1.33 billion. As many as 341 projects submitted in the March session worth RON 635.84 million and 337 projects submitted in the April session worth RON 702 million were declared eligible.
PNDR comprises 22 measures and was approved on February 20, 2008 by the European Commission. The programme covers all the rural areas of Romania, which is 87.1% of the country’s total geographical area and 45.1% of its population as of reference date June 1, 2005.
Under this programme, Romania will receive more tan 8 billion euros for rural development from the European Union throughout 2013, provided from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
Adding up to the EU funds will be 20% of them contributed as co-funding by the Romanian Government.
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