INS: Number of accommodated tourists advance 3.1% January thorough July 2008

The number of tourists accommodated with Romanian tourist accommodation units advanced 3.1% January through July 2008, compared with the similar period of the year before, data with the National Statistics Institute (INS) reveal.
The arrivals of Romanian tourists at tourist accommodation units in Romania made up 78.4% of the total number of arrivals, while foreign tourists made up 21.6% of the arrivals, a similar percentage to the one recorded in 2007.
Hotel arrivals were 74.1% of the total arrivals at accommodation units, up 1.4% from the year before.
Foreign visitors’ arrivals in Romania recorded at border checkpoints stood at 4.993 million, up 25.8% from January-July 2007. Most of the foreign visitors came from European countries (94.8%). Out of the total number of foreign visitors, or 62.3%, came from otherEuropean Union countries, as follows: Hungary (34.6%); Bulgaria (20.8%);  Germany (9.2%); Italy (7.6%), and Poland (4.9%).
Departures abroad of Romanian visitors as recorded at the border checkpoints stood at 7.088 million, up 20.4% from 2007. Road transportation was the most commonly used means by Romanians traveling abroad (78.8% of the total departures).

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