Methodology set in place for management of European fisheries funding

The government passed in its Sept. 3 meeting a resolution approving the methodological norms for the enforcement of the Emergency Ordinance on the management of non-reimbursable amounts made available by the European Community from the European Fisheries Fund.
The normative act settles the legal framework for the assignment of money from the European Fisheries Fund, public and private co-financing, pre-financing to the budgets of the institutions involved in the management of the European funds intended for the accomplishment of the common agricultural policy.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) manages through the Agency for Payments for Rural Development and Fisheries the financial contribution disbursed by the European Community through the European Fisheries Fund and the amounts earmarked from the state budget for the implementation of the 2007-2013 Operational Program for Fisheries.
The normative act establishes the financial flows due to the European Fisheries Fund and the outlay categories covered from the budget approved by MADR, as well as the responsibilities of the institutions involved in handling these funds, the accounts and documents to be used in the process.
By order of the minister, MADR establishes through the General Budget, Finance and European Funds Department (DGBFFE), and alongside the Agency for Payments for Rural Development and Fisheries, the methods to prevent the occurrence of situations that could prompt the European Commission reduce payments.
The community’s contribution to the European Fisheries Fund complies with the community budget commitments and grounds on the Operational Program for Fisheries approved under the decision of the European Commission.
During the financing process, the expenditures from the European Fisheries Fund are covered from the budget approved by MADR, reads the release.
According to the normative act, MADR opens through DGBFFE accounts with financial-banking institutions or with the State Treasury for the transfer of the amounts reimbursed by the European Commission from the Fisheries Fund.
MADR selects the financial-banking institutions through DGBFFE according to the provisions of the Government’s Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2006 on the award of public procurement contracts.
Accounts in euro opened with the State Treasury carry an interest established under a convention between MADR and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, reads the government’s release.
Until 2013, the Romanian fishing sector will benefit from non-repayable public funds worth 307 million euros, informs the Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development.

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