Ministry of Agriculture to continue to insist on cutting excise duty for diesel oil for farming

Minister of Agriculture Dacian Ciolos and Finance Minister Varujan Vosganian held talks, again, on Sept. 3, about the cut in the excise duty for the diesel oil used in farming.
“Minister Vosganian has told me that he agrees, in principle, with this measure and I believe that the Ministry of Agriculture has done everything it had to for meeting the claims of farmers, “ Minister of Agriculture Dacian Ciolos told, on Sept. 3.
He added that he will continue to insist that the Government takes this measure.
Spokeswoman for the Government Camelia Spataru said on Sept. 3 that the bodies in charge will phrase a point of view on the claims of farmers, following consultations.
Around one thousand Romanian farmers protested on Sept. 3, in the entire Romania, they drove their tractors and trucks in a line, asking for the halving of the price of fuel for farming.

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