More investors following Fords suit in the region

The Ford investment in Craiova has increased the interest of Dutch investors in the region, and that is why the Dutch Embassy in Romania and the South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency (ADR SV) have laid the foundations for a joint working and cooperation project to boost the number of Dutch companies investing in Dolj County.
ADR SV Oltenia Director Marilena Bogheanu told that she had a meeting early in the week with Dutch Embassy officials where the officials voiced much interest in the zone, particularly in investing in green energy and farming.
Head of the Business Section of the Dutch Embassy Marjolijn van Deelen presented at the meeting the top fields of the Dutch economy, particularly green energy generation and free range agriculture as well as full readiness for cooperation and know-how exchanges with local companies and authorities, said Bogheanu.
“The Ford investment in Craiova opens new opportunities for Dutch companies operating in various sectors, such as research technology parks, automotive development and innovation, and the Dutch officials mentioned in this respect cooperation with the Automation, Computer Sciences and Electronics Faculty of Craiova, which could provide well-trained specialists,” she explained.
Bogheanu also said the Dutch officials voiced readiness to cooperate in various areas with ADR SV Oltenia and relevant institutions of Oltenia, particularly on an investment level.
Bogheanu introduced to the Dutch guests the main funding opportunities included in the Regional Operational Programme, highlighting the need for fresh foreign investment in the region and assisting local public authorities with drawing European funds by developing the consultancy and projection sector, which should ensure the drawing up of mature and consistent documentations.
Another topic approached at the meeting related to the development of agriculture, environmental protection, research, development and innovation, as well as to possible academic cooperation projects, with the potentials of the Oltenia region being emphasised.

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