President Basescu advocates pan-European corridor

President Traian Basescu said that the project of the pan-European transport corridor needs to be promoted “with all our force.”
In the opinion of the Head of State Romania must begin talks with the Danube riparian countries and with the Rhine and the Main riparian ones about the unification of transport rules.

“The Danube can become an economic corridor you can certainly promote, starting from the reality that this corridor can develop around the 13 river ports we have,” said the President.
He mentioned that Romania was the country having the most numerous ports along the Danube.
All along the 1,075 km there are 13 river ports, besides the river and sea ones: Sulina (southeastern Romania), Galati and Braila (both of them in eastern Romania).
“Around these ports it is clear that the Danube can become an economic corridor, not only a transport corridor, by stimulating foreign and Romanian investments,” said Basescu.
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