Press review (Sept 12)

Romania's national dailies of Friday carry mainly analyses and commentaries from the economical-financial area, the main issues referring to the level of foreign investments, the privatisation of Antibiotice Iasi and evolution of national currency – leu.
Only one in seven Romanians talk about politics often, daily Evenimentul Zilei reports, referring to a survey carried by think-tank German Marshall Fund of the United States. According to the survey, as many as 14% of Romanians talk about politics frequently with friends, 56% of them talk occasionally about politics, whilst 29% never.
The survey showed that 3 quarters of citizens endorse a Romanian mission of assisting the efforts of economic reconstruction in Afghanistan and 54% support a mission of training of the Afghan security forces. In turn, 61% oppose any mission in combat areas.
As regards the economic transatlantic ties, Romanians show their pro-American preferences: 52% of the interview believe that the EU and the United States should cooperate more tightly.
"After having reported 4.75 billion euros in the first half of the year, by the end of the year foreign direct investments might double, reaching a record-high, the highest in history," daily Ziarul Financiar.
In the article called "Limits of monetary shield," editorialist of Gandul daily reports that the "forecasts of international analysts can be explained through the fact that the authors of some survey do not bother any more, especially in the case of East European countries, to look for similarities and differences between economies, but they simply read one other. Fitch wrote that Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic states risk forced landing (namely sudden slowdown of growth, after a period of economic boom), report the same conclusion Economist Intelligence Unit or UNCTAD."
Referring to the remedies Romania may resort to, the editorialist said that the monetary policy can lessen only part of the shock wave of a hypothetic forced landing. They lessen it, but they cannot remove it. Romania's external deficit continues to be extremely high 14% of the GDP. About 7% will be covered by foreign direct investments and other 3% from current financing. 4% remain uncovered and they have to be removed through fiscal policies and revenues. Otherwise, the market will compel us to make correction but with incomparable higher prices."

After a range of meetings between the management of Antibiotice company in Iasi (eastern Romania) and the State Assets Resolution Authority (AVAS) the conclusion is that the privatisation of the Iasi-based medicine producer will be postponed until further notice, dailies Bursa and Romania libera reports.
"The Romanian real estate company depends on Europe," daily Evenimentul Zilei reports, stressing that in Romania, the bulk of real estate financing is received from foreign loan extention institutions.
According to the aforementioned daily, at the end of 2007, the reports of real estate companies showed a decrease in profitability of the company which activate in the real estate field.
The appreciation of the dollar currency shrinks the national currency – leu – following the developments on international markets, daily Cotidianul reports.
However, the evolution of leu is in line with analysts estimates, who after the publication of figures on the reduction of inflation in August, say that the National Bank of Romania (BNR) will not increase the monetary policy interest at the meeting of September 25. This will diminish the investors' appetite for leu, they say.
Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR), the centre of regional engineering of Renault will start next week the construction works of the Titu-based testing centre , Dambovita county (south), where cars, car parts and subassemblies produced by the French car maker are to be tested, daily Evenimentul Zilei reports.
The dailies of Friday also report that the international tender for the selection of the company that will build Romania tourist brand will be organised at the end of October.
"I hope in the summer of 2009 the construction of the brand be carried out in terms of concept, image, design and also in terms of communication strategy on international markets, so that the second tender for the promotionn of the brand, might be released," said Lucia Morariu, state secretary with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Liberal Professions.
The investments in the construction and promotion of Romania's tourist brand amounts to 75 million euros.
About the projected Bucharest-based telecommunications network NetCity, project worth 202 million euros, dailies Ziarul Financiar and Cotidianul report that the Romanian authorities were warned by the European Commission that they are forced to guarantee that providing networks and network services does not distort the competition on the market.
Therefore, the European Commission will monitor the construction process, but also the price which the administrator of the network UTI System will levy to those who will borrow NetCity network. "The European Commission wants to make sure that the functioning rules and the rules for establishing NetCity network observe the EU legislation and the principles in the fields of competition.," said Martin Selmayr, spokesperson for the European Commission on issues of information society and media.
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