Queen Maria Rosary to get back royal charm

Former ‘Regina Maria’ (Queen Maria) Rosary or the Park of Roses in Timisoara city (west) will get back its royal charm, after longer than 130 years. Queen Maria (1875-1938) was the spouse of King Ferdinand I of Romania, reigning during 1914 – 1927.
The Rosary will be restored through an investment worth almost one million euros allotted by Timisoara mayoralty.
In the first stage, Timisoara City Hall will allocate 5 million lei to several feasibility studies on the rehabilitation of three parks, namely the Park of the Roses, the Botanical Park and the People’s Park, mayoral spokesperson Flavius Bon0cea said.
The investment amounts to over 3 million euros, money required to have the parks thoroughly rehabilitated, ‘from their bases,’ as Boncea explained.

The royal rose garden was founded on July 19, 1891, on the special occasion of an industrial agricultural and commercial exhibition when a space was needed to exhibit all the products.
The authorities found that free place covering 90,000 sqm, located at the end of the City, between the Fabric Park (former Coronini) and the Central Park (former Scudier), Timisoara’s Monograph reads. There, the famous architects Wilhelm Muhle and Franz Niemetz were arranging a huge garden, in French and English styles. The beauty of the park also brought there Emperor Franz Josef I, who was impressed with the floral arrangements he saw there when he was visiting the park on Sept 16, 1891.
During the interwar period, the park, where there were planted over 1,400 sorts of roses, became the largest Rosary in southeastern Europe.In 1934 the garden was named the Park of Roses, where the rich women of the city bought, at their expense, the most beautiful varieties of roses from Europe, America and Asia. A summer theater was built there at that time as well, and it still works nowadays.
A couple of years later, in 1942, the Park became Queen Maria Rosary. During the WWII, the Rosary was destroyed and it was rehabilitated only in 1965 when it was named the Park of Roses.
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