Romania to appoint three agricultural attachés following amendment of Diplomacy Law

The project for the establishment of agricultural attachés offices in the main European Union countries will only come true after the Diplomacy Law has been amended, Agricultural and Rural Development Minister Dacian Ciolos told.
“Under the current Diplomacy Law, there is no legal framework for the establishment of the agricultural attaché offices and that is why the law has to be amended under a government emergency ordinance if such offices are to be created,” said Ciolos.
He mentioned having discussed the idea with Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, who voiced support for the idea, and the necessary steps for the amendment of the law will be soon started.
The funds needed for the implementation of the project will be included in the budget of the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) in 2009.
“The Agriculture Ministry could cover the wages of 4-5 agricultural attachés, which should be similar to the wages paid to directors working with the agricultural payment agencies,” Ciolos explained.

The countries where Romania might appoint agricultural attachés, besides economic attachés, following France’s suit, would be France, as the main economic partner of Romania, Italy and Spain, because of a strong presence of Romanians there, the Netherlands, as a big consumer market which would also allow Romania to cover the northern parts of the continent, as well as Poland, as a base for Eastern Europe.
Likewise, in the long run an office of agricultural attaché representing Romania might also open in the US, another important trade partner of Romania, and in two emerging countries – Russia and China. If the project succeeds, external promotion of Romanian food products will be secured as well as entry for Romanian producers on the respective markets.
The only Romanian processed products having won a place for themselves abroad are wine, honeybee, bread products, canned vegetables and fruits.
Data with MADR indicate that Romania recorded a deficit of almost 2.15 billion euros in its 2007 trade in agri-food products with both intra and extra-Community countries.
Imports to Romania stood at 3.25 billion euros in 2007, while Romanian agri-food experts to the EU and third markets barely exceeded 1.1 billion euro.

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