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Romanian furniture companies, submitted to audit on labor safety issues

As many as 15 furniture companies in Romania will be submitted, as of September, to a thorough audit targeting health and safety at the workplace, said Pavlos Kimtsaris, economic councilor on economic issues with the European Furniture Manufacturers Federation (UEA).
He explained that a British expert specialized in health and safety at the work place will visit 15 companies, will inquire about the furniture field and then will make recommendations. Such an audit starts with a meeting with the company representatives, a tour of the place, a conclusion meeting, documenting, file assessment, all these being followed by proposals, suggestions and calculation of the costs for the implementation of the recommendations.
Kimtsaris urged the Romanian companies to enlist with the audit, as the reports drawn up by the British expert will not be made public, but handed over to each company, separately. Also, besides recommendations, the expert will supply the company with information on the manner in which it will be able to get financing for investment through structural funds.

The UEA expert said that these projects will unfold under FACTS II project, proposed by the European Furniture Manufacturers Federation, as part of the program of support in business developed by the European Commission, which approaches the issue of the transfer of EU legislative acquis to companies and relevant business organizations.
According to Kimtsaris, such an audit has been conducted in Bulgaria, in 10 furniture manufacturing companies.
Besides the 15 companies who will want to be submitted to the audit activity, the other can take part in the audit online, on the website
FACTS II is a project financed by the European Union Commission aimed to help address many serious critical problems that Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey have in the woodworking and furniture sectors. It is the evident continuation of the FACTS I project completed. Furthermore, it aims to accomplish helping and counseling the furniture manufacturers on how to achieve the full familiarization and total compliance of the EU acquis communautaire.
The project’s main objectives are: to provide technical assistance to the furniture and wood sectors for aiding with the compliance with the EU ‘acquis’; perform audits to inform about the EU ‘acquis’ and efforts that can be made for its compliance; aid training business representative organizations (BROs) and SMEs towards sustainable development; promote the co-operation between the EU and target companies to accelerate compliance with the EU acquis; enhance cooperation and networking among BROs; strengthening BROs to have self sustainable specific objectives; give a better image of the woodworking and furniture sectors with authorities and consumers.

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