Sohodol Gorge, a spectacular landscape

The Sohodol Gorge, in Gorj County (southern Romania), which the river bearing the same name dug in the limestone of the Valcan Mountains, offers some impressive karst landscape.
The various gorges, dolines and caves are a special attraction for tourists. The above-mentioned are got the status of a protected area. The gorge is 12 km long and is considered a genuine challenge by mountain climbers as the routes are steep and difficult. As a matter of fact the authorities intend to delimit special routes for mountain climbers.

A project that might get financing from European funds aims at contributing to the preservation of this area. The project plans to arrange camping sites and place an information point at the disposal of tourists.
In September 2007 the Agency for the Environment Protection (APM) in Gorj County took custody of the Sohodol Gorge protected natural area for 5 years.
Gheorghe Fometescu, manager of APM Gorj, told the above-mentioned newspaper that, “in summer, every weekend, 2,000 cars cross the area and after the tourists leave, there is a disaster behind them.” The solution the authorities found: every car must pay the sum of 5 lei (about 1.4 euros) to get access to the reserve.
This charge is the first lesson of the local authorities to tourists in order to teach them to respect nature and take care of it. Tourists are not allowed to pitch tents anywhere. There are places specially arranged for tents and barbecues. Fometescu says that the money goes back to tourists too under the form of better conditions.

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