Stolojan said: „PD-L will form parliamentary majority”

National Conference of Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) validated on Friday (Sept 12) with unanimity of vote, Theodor Stolojan as candidate for the position of prime minister, in case the Democrat-Liberals form the future Government.
PD-L first vice-president Theodor Stolojan told on Friday the over 5,000 delegates present at the Annual Conference of PD-L that this party will form the parliamentary majority. "I want my first message to you to be very clear: we will lead the party to victory, we will be the first to cross the arrival line, we will form the parliamentary majority and will govern Romania", Stolojan said.
Stolojan added that the honour PD-L made him to nominate him is very obliging, he thanked those present for trusting him. He criticized in his speech the current government, he said that the vulnerability of the economy increased in consequence of the rise in inflation and of the imbalance in foreign trade, and the living conditions of Romanians are far from the European ones.
He also said that the National Liberal Party (PNL) is governing "with strategies made on the knee", with disinterested people. Stolojan said that "this ruling with no majority in Parliament is supported by the Social Democratic Party (PSD)", on the basis of a political bargain, that the current Executive serves economic group interests, sacrificing the general interests, the long-term ones of Romania.
He accused the current Executive of having blocked essential reforms, he said that "the governing of PNL and PSD is responsible "for the shameful level of absorption of European funds."
Stolojan presented some of the objectives in the PD-L programme for 2009-2012, saying that in case it wins the elections, this party assumes the rise in GDP to 62% of the EU average, until 2012, compared with the current 44%, aimed are 950 euros in average salary and 405 euros in the average pension.
Stolojan also said that the Democrat-Liberals want that the flat tax be kept at 16 percent, the fiscal burden to go down by eliminating 100 taxes, that PD-L place emphasis on the reform of the budget system and the elimination of waste in spending the public money, putting in place criteria for accession to the euro area.
The ruling programme also includes the allotment of six percent of GDP for education and the achievement in 2009 of a complete legislative package for education, with a view to securing order, stability and efficiency, said the PD-L first vice-president.
Stolojan wanted to underline that PSD is not the only party concerned about social security, PD-L wants the promotion of a center-right model in this field by active involvement of the church and by placing emphasis on work stimulation. He added that, starting in 2009, the Democrat-Liberal governing wants to introduce minimum guaranteed pensions, a rise in child allowance to 100 lei and in the benefits for bringing up children to 85 percent of incomes, but not lower than 600 lei.
Enlisting the objectives of the governing programme, Stolojan insisted on the growth in agricultural production, and the finalization of the files for property return.
He also spoke of a project for the development of infrastructure, mentioning that the Democratic-Liberal programme stipulates for the coming four years the building of 835 km of motorways, the repairing of national roads (5,883 km of European roads and 10,000 km of main and secondary national roads), of county roads (10,000 km).
The National Steering Board of PD-L unanimously voted Theodor Stolojan as candidate for prime minister, if the Democrat Liberals win the elections.
After the meeting of the National Steering Board of PD-L, the Annual National Conference of PD-L is taking place, where, in the presence of over 5,000 delegates, the main targets in the governing programme have been announced.

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