3 in 4 Romanians would accept job offer abroad

More than 3 quarters of Romanians (78.2%) would leave to work abroad if they received a good offer, according to an opinion poll conducted in August by the recruitment website BestJobs.ro. Another opinion poll conducted by BestJobs at the start of the year shows that almost half (46%) of Romanians prefer working in the EU than in Romania.
Constantin Ferseta, marketing manager at Neogen, the company that holds BestJobs.ro, considers if the offer received were good, the number of those willing to leave would almost double. According to the representative of BestJobs, the reasons why Romanians would be tempted to leave are the salary, the social pressure to gain more, the corruption in the country and the fellow countrymen’s mentality. “Abroad, in addition to bigger incomes there is a much higher level of civilization, which for many represents the key-factor in emigration”, Ferseta says.
The findings of this poll are telling for the open attitude of Romanians to opportunities, considers Isabella Berghoffer, managing director at consultancy company Royalty Jobs International. However, she considers the real percentage of those willing to work abroad is lower. “Romanians are more selective in analysing the offers, but are open to discussing them. If 78% say they would be willing to leave abroad, those who would effectively leave would be 20% at the most”, she explains.
As far as the Romanian managers and specialists are concerned, the reasons making them emigrate are related to opportunities of better professional development opportunities. “The social environment has importance for management, but not so high as the professional opportunity”, says Alina Popescu, managing partner at HR consultancy company Perspective Group.

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