AmCham: infrastructure, education and healthcare, Romanias priorities in coming period

Romania’s future government will have to apply measures to reform the healthcare and education systems and find solutions for upgrading infrastructure, according to the “Priorities for Romania” programme, drawn up by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Romania.
“In the order of priorities, infrastructure ranks first because a developed and modern infrastructure is essential in ensuring Romania’s development in medium and long term”, said Friedrich Niemann, vice-president of AmCham Romania, and president of the work group for infrastructure and tourism.
He said the infrastructure projects are also delayed by the legislation in the public procurement due to the endless contesting process.
“The process of solving the contestations should be faster. On the other hand, the mechanism of contestation should be relevant for the respective case and should not be used as means to abuse the system”, said Niemann.
Moreover, the representatives of AmCham say education represents one of the main means to develop the workforce market, as means to draw foreign investments.
“A healthy education system, connected to economic and social realities, ensure a competitive workforce market, especially since the availability and the cost of the workforce are two advantages that make investors choose Romania”, said Sorin Mindrutescu, member on the Board of AmCham.
He said that in order to maintain the advantage of the workforce the authorities must stimulate the adjustment of the school curriculum to the new economic and social realities and increase the employment degree of the students.
As to the healthcare sector, the representatives of AmCham required the establishment of a minimal package of medical services subsidized by the National Health Insurance House, relevant legislation and the improvement of the prevention systems and programmes. Moreover, given that over 20% of the Romanian doctors have submitted request to work abroad, programmes to keep to relevant workforce in the country are necessary.
AmCham has made also some proposals regarding the fiscal system in Romania, especially referring to simplifying the payment of VAT (reversed taxation), simplifying the local taxes and a legislation allowing the companies choose their own fiscal period.
“The simplification measures (reversed tax) regarding the VAT payment should be reaplied because the pre-financing of VAT is a burden for investors, and renouncing these measures slowed down Romania’s economic development”, explained Alexandra Gatej, president of AmCham Romania, president of the work group for competition matters.
AmCham says the local authorities must be encouraged to stimulate investments through lower taxes that will draw a big number of companies.
By implementing a legislation to allow the choice of the company’s own fiscal period, the
companies will be able to plan better the employees’ effort and would increase the level of fiscal planning for the authorities.
Morevoer, AmCham recommends measures also regarding the reorganization of the Romania Agency for Foreign Investments, in the sense of its self-financing by giving consultancy to foreign companies, but also regarding the environment, energy and telecom policies.
“AmCham will send this programme to all the political parties involved in elections and it is ready to give support to the future government in implementing these measures”, said Alexandra Gatej.
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