INS estimates foreign direct investments will exceed 10 bln euros in 2008

The National Statistics Institute (INS) estimates the volume of foreign direct investments will exceed 10 billion euros this year, which would be a record high for the Romanian economy.
‘’It is expected foreign direct investments exceed 10 billion euros in 2008 because in the second half of the year, the level is usually higher than the first half,‘’ said on September 11 in a news conference, president of the National Statistics Institute, Virgil Voineagu.

In H1 of 2008, foreign direct investments stood at 4.758 billion euros, up 59.5% as against, the first half of 2007. Of the total registered in the first half of 2008, investments in the banking sector stood at 638 million euros (13%) and in economy – 4.12 billion euros (87%).
The contributions of capital accounted for 33.3% of the total and reinvested profits accounted for 27%, the remainder of 39.7% being represented by other capitals.
The direct investment of Romanian residents abroad was in the aforementioned period of 87 million euros.
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