Negotiations between authorities and investors to be overseen by interdepartmental board

Negotiations between local public administration authorities and investors over state aid for investment projects exceeding 10 million euros in value will be overseen by an inter-ministerial board, according to a government decision approved on August 10.
The decision provides for the establishment of this board to make sure the norms in the field of state aid extended by local public administration bodies are applied.
The establishment of this board as an entity without legal personality should contribute to the observance and uniform application by all the state bodies and all the state aid providers of the specific legislation in this area.

Chairman of the board will be the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, while its secretarial tasks will entrusted to the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform. Board members will also be the minister of economy and finance; the minister of the environment and sustainable development; the minister of development, public works and housing, the minister of labour, family affairs and equal opportunities; the minister of education and youth; the minister of communications and information technology; the minister of transportation; the head of the European Affairs Department; the chair of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment, and a state adviser on behalf of the prime minister.
Under the new provisions, local public administration bodies should be placed under the obligation to inform the inter-ministerial board about the support measures they envisage for investors whose investments exceed 10 million euros each. The notification should be obligatorily made before any other decision is taken regarding the conclusion of any act involving the support measures in question that will place obligations on the local public administration concerned. The new normative act also says the board shall observe confidentiality of data received from the local public authorities for each separate case.
The board should also be concerned with managing state aids granted for investments worth in excess of 10 million euros; analysing information transmitted by local authorities in relation to intentions to grant support measures of any kinds; guiding the local public administration authorities in matters concerning the notification of the Trade Competition Council in connection with support measures, so that the normative acts to be issued confirm with the legislation in force; issuing recommendations about the need for certain procedures to be followed in the area of state aids, and also supporting the unfolding of trials before the European Court of Justice involving Romania as a result of initiated state aids or extended by local public administration authorities.
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