Recruitment slowdown in building sector

Local construction employers expect recruitment to slow down in Q4 2008, with net hiring projections standing at just 3 pt, down 47% from the previous quarter, reveals the quarterly survey by Manpower Co. on the Labour Employment Outlooks.
Romania thus yields supremacy in Europe in construction recruitment, with Poland (34%), Greece (22%) and Belgium (15%) ahead of it.
Adriana Iftime, director general with the Construction Companies Employers Association, considers that a setback in hiring in the fall-winter period is natural, as companies do not risk taking people on payroll in low-activity periods. In Iftime’s opinion, another reason why activity in construction is slackening is that this is an electoral year that implies financial issues before elections and after the polls, the rotation of authorities delays project unfolding.

According to the Manpower survey, the sectors to operate the most massive hiring in Q4 are: public administration and social services, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and the hotel sector. Conversely, hiring plans fell drastically in agriculture and constructions, the 2 industries that had the strongest recruitment plans in the previous quarters.
Romanian employers expressed the most ambitious recruitment plans in the EMEA region (Europe, Mid-East and Africa) and rank sixth by global hiring outlooks, down four notches from Q1, 2008. In the next quarter, 32% of Romanian employers expect their personnel to rise and just 11% of the companies expect hiring activities to decline in this period.
At local level, the survey was conducted by the interview of a representative sample of 752 Romanian employers from ten activity sectors and eight regions.
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