World Bank: Romania on 47th spot in global rankings of states having most favourable business climate

Romania is placed 47th in the global rankings of the states having the most favourable business climate in 2008, with the Doing Business 2009 rankings having been made by the World Bank.
Romania has stayed this year on last year’s spot, the 47th in the annual rankings made by the international financial institution. Romania in 2007 advanced one spot, to the 48th from the 47th. The report takes into account several criteria of business regulation that record the time and cost to meet government requirements in starting and operating a business, trading across borders, paying taxes, and closing a business as well as personnel employment, property registration, getting a licence and the investors’ protection.
The rankings do not reflect such areas as macroeconomic policy, quality of infrastructure, currency volatility, investor perceptions, or crime rates.
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