Beer market grows 20% in next 3 years

Beer consumption will grow 20%, by 2012, reads a study of market research company Euromonitor, it will reach 109.6 liters per capita, compared with 90 liters last year.
Vifor Versescu, head of the Employers’ Association of Independent Brewers, says the figure will be comparable with those in countries close to Romania, like Austrian and Hungary, where beer and wine are preferred.
According to Euromonitor International, beer in plastic bottles has supported the rapid growth in the beer market. The change in look and the launch of 2.5 liters bottles helped multinationals and local brewers diminish the seasonal character of beer. Beer in plastic bottles is not so much affected by weather changes, it is, as a general rule, drunk almost only at home.
Shachar Shaine, head of URBB, one of the main beer makers in the local market, says the growth pace of the beer market expected by all the big players for this year stands between 5 and 7%, with the beer market in Romania maturing in the past years. Elements such as the rise in the purchasing power of Romanians and the economic growth in the first half this year were reflected, among others, in the rise of sales, in volume, and implicitly in consumption per capita, in Romania, URBB also said.

The domestic market of beer was higher than one billion euros, last year, according to data from brewers, quoted by Business Standard.
The main players are multinationals Heineken Romania, InBev Romania, Ursus Breweries, United Romanian Breweries Bereprod and local maker European Drinks, which registered, together, in H1 a market share of 92.6% in value, and 90.9% in volume, read data from market research and studies company MEMRB.
Consumption of beer per capita in Romania stood, last year, at some 90 liters, compared with 160 liters in the Czech Republic. For this year, average consumption of 95 liters per capita is expected, read data from Romania’s Brewers Association.
Beer consumption has grown in the past years. If in 2002, it stood at 52 liters per capita, in 2007 it reached 90 liters. The highest rises were reported between 2005 and 2007, from 66 liters per capita in 2005, to 77 liters per capita in 2006 and 90 liters in 2007. Unlike Westerners, Romanians prefer to drink beer at home.
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