Euroweb Romania posts 6 million euros in H1 turnover

Euroweb Romania posted 6 million euros in turnover at the end of the second quarter, up by 23% as against the similar span of time in 2007, the figure fitting into the estimations made by the above-mentioned company in early 2008, informs a release sent by the company on August 9.
Euroweb Romania’s net profit for the first half of the current year is 650,000 euros, up by 110 precent from the company’s estimations.
“The figures registered in the first half of the year are in keeping with the growth strategy we have decided on for this period,” said Euroweb Romania managing director Laurentiu Stan.
According to him, the long-term aim is the consistent development of business, 2008 turning out to be so far the fourth year in a row of growth in financial indicators. The company mentioned before estimates 13 million euros in turnover at the end of the year 2008 and 2 million euros in EBITDA. “The important investments made by Euroweb Romania in 2008 in its own infrastructure, worth a total of 2 million euros, will certainly support the ascending evolution of the company so that it is to be expected that the financial results at the end of the year should fit into our estimations or even exceed these vales,” said Stan.
Euroweb Romania is one of the important players of the Romanian telecommunications market.
As of 2005 the major shareholder of Euroweb Romania is Invitel Rt. Invitel Rt is a member of the Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp (HTTC), a group holding the largest alternative infrastructure of its own in South-Eastern Europe. The HTTC includes the brands Invitel, Memorex AG and Euroweb. The Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp is listed on the US stock exchange under the HTC symbol.
Euroweb Romania is also a founder member of the National Association of Internet Service Providers and initiator of the Romanian Network for Internet Exchange.
The above-mentioned company focused its activity on supplying IP and Internet communications solutions addressing the business segment as well as on the strategic integration of their complementary service, like, for instance, VoIP and video-telephony.
Euroweb Romania is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for the management of the quality and environment systems.

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