Harsher punishments for illegal waste transport

The Romanian Government passed the Resolution on the transport and the storage of dangerous waste, stipulating severer punishments for the trespassers, Environment Minister Attila Korodi said on September 11.
The new Resolution rises the fines that are to reach 30,000 lei, but it also stipulates the confiscation of the transportation means used to carry illegally the waste and thus to violate the law, Minister Korodi added.
Likewise, the fines to be imposed on the unauthorized litter operators for urban waste transport are to range between 3,000 and 6,000 lei.
“When the National Environment Guard or the police catch in the act or their investigations disclose that an economic agent has transported or stored waste, the transportation means will be confiscated and it becomes the State’s property,” Environment Minister pointed out.
The Resolution also regulates the approvals and authorizations the beneficiary of the waste transport must get from the relevant authorities.
Whereas, the waste transportation used to require only a simple note released by the Local Environment Agency, from now on, the transport must be notified in due time, and the transporter must lodge the documents on the waste and establish clear routes avoiding urban jams, as much as possible.
The transporter needs permits from both the local Environment Agency and the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and the city halls of the localities, which the waste will be carried through, says the new law.
It was the Environment Ministry that initiated the new law on the transport of dangerous and non-dangerous waste on Romania’s territory, and it regulates the system of transportation of such materials, clarifying the responsibilities incumbent to all the factors involved in the waste transportation.

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