How much radio stations earn in 2007

First 3 players in the local radio market, SBS Broadcasting, Lagardere and MediaPro, posted last year cumulated business worth over 32 million euros, or more than a half of the relevant market, put by international media network GroupM at 47.8 million euros.
SBS Broadcasting, operating radios Kiss FM and Magic FM, ranked first in turnover, in 2007, with 15.4 million euros.
Second comes Lagardere Romania, with Europa FM and Radio 21, which got in 2007 as many as 13.1 million euros. The radios in Media Pro, Pro FM and Info Pro respectively, posted some four million euros in turnover.
According to the Business Standard daily, the radios operated by SBS Broadcasting, which also holds Prima TV and Kiss TV radios, got in 2007 a net turnover that is the equivalent of 40% of that of SBS Broadcasting Media.
Last year, according to data from the Ministry of Finance, SBS Broadcasting Media posted a loss of 1.5 million euros, televisions included.
Europe Development International Co., operating Europe FM radio, registered in 2007 a net turnover worth 7.12 million euros, and Radio XXI Co., operating Radio 21, a net turnover worth 6.03 million euros. Together, the two radios took Lagardere to 13.1 million euros in turnover, for the radio segment. The figure has been confirmed by officials from the trust.
Europe Development International and Radio XXI posted, in 2007, a net profit worth 1.4 million euros each.
Third in the classification of revenues by radio trusts in Romania comes Media Pro, with Pro FM and Info Pro. Last year, they were operated by Radio Pro, but were next moved to Pro TV Co., once they were bought by the Americans from CME, the majority shareholder of Pro TV.

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