Bucharest, city of expensive cars

Prestigious car brands such as Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche, Smart and Cadillac were sold
exclusively in Bucharest, and the Mini and Lexus ones were almost all bought in Romania’s Capital city as well, during the first six months of the year, Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA) data say.
It was sold 23 Maserati, 23 Cadillac, 57 Smart, 79 Porsche and 179 Jaguar cars, during the above said time span. Likewise, out of the 154 Mini cars sold all over Romania, 113 were sold in Bucharest, whereas 76 of all the 105 Lexus ones were sold in Bucharest.
Individuals from other places than Bucharest, buy more exclusive car brands in Bucharest, because it is there that they find bigger dealers selling at considerably lower prices. As for the companies, most of the big ones are Bucharest-based and buy cars for their branches all over Romania from the dealers in Bucharest, as well.
On the other hand, there are car brands such as Smart and Mini that are more convenient for crowed cities like Bucharest, APIA president Ernest Popovici told the Business Standard.
Car sales dropped by 1.8% on the Romanian market, during the first 7 months of the year, compared with the same time last year. According to the key players on the car market, new car sales this year are expected to stop, at those registered in 2007, namely round 370,000 units, on the background of the world economic crisis, the rise in the fuel price and the pollution tax.
Even so, car brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz scored considerably high sale figures, during the first half of the year exceeding the imports’ pace, by far. Audi kept being the best sold premium car, at and advance higher than 16%, all over the above said time span compared with the same period last year.
The growth is mainly thanks to the new A4, which is also the range’s bestseller. At the same time, Mercedes Benz car sales grew by 34.9%, with C Klasse as its bestseller. BMW registered a sale growth by 35.1% during the H1 of 2008, and SUV X5 was the most sought-for brand.

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