Car imports outpace exports threefold in H1

The car imports in Romania stood in H1 2008 at 1.558bn euro, more than threefold versus the exports, which stood at 487.6 million euro, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

In the said period, Romania exported mainly oil products – 1.48bn euro, wires and cables – 1.04bn euro, parts and accessories for tractors, special vehicles and dump trucks – 830 million euro, laminated products – 637 million euro, iron and steel – 459 million euro, footwear – 356.4 million euro, women’s clothing – 349 million euro, furniture – 338.9 million euro, tires – 336.7 million euro, men’s clothing – 307.1 million euro, chairs – 250 million euro, and roll bearings – 212.2 million euro.
The bigger imports consisted in crude oil – 2.11bn euro, medicines – 731 million euro, freight vehicles – 726.6 million euro, derrick gases – 713,2 million euro, oil products – 304 million euro, tractors – 214 million euro, bulldozers – 204.5 million euro, processed cow and horse hides – 201.4 million euro.
In H1, the exports of Romania stood at 16.75bn euro, up 18.1% versus H1 2007, and the imports advanced 15.3% to 27.54bn euro.
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