Competition Council approves Lindabs takeover of Rova and Vios

The Romanian Trade Competition Council has approved the takeover by Swedish Lindab AB of Romanian companies Rova Sibiu and Vios Brasov.
The takeover will lead to an economic concentration that boosts Lindab’s previous market shares in Romania.
The takeover completed on May 6, 2008, with the signing of a sale agreement under which Lindab SA bought over Sipog of Slovkaia, the company controlling Rova and Vios.
Given that there are both local producers and importers holding significant market shares, the competition authority was satisfied that the operation notified to it will not lead to the creation or consolidation of a dominant position on the market that might conduct to restricting, preventing or significantly distorting competition in Romania.
The Lindab group controls Lindab SRL, located at Stefanestii de Jos, a company specialising in the manufacturing and trade of metal roof tiles, corrugated tin and water drainage systems.
Rova Romania specialises in the trade of metal roof tiles, water drainage systems, corrugated tin and metal roof beams.
Vis RO Brasov is a trader of water drainage systems, insulation materials, damp proof foil and tin sheets.

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