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Pepsi Americas to invest 120 mln. USD

The new, near-Bucharest-located Pepsi factory, which is to be the biggest greenfield investment a company has ever made on the local refreshments market could attract 120 million US dollars from the US Pepsi maker. The Company’s initial estimates on the investments in the project amounted to round 34 million US dollars, early in 2007.
The total investments in the new factory might reach 100-120 million USD, also including the know-how transfer from the other markets, because the main reason for building the factory is to bring advanced bottling technologies, Pepsi Americas Romania chairman Mike Holmes told the Ziarul financiar.
Quadrant-Amroq Beverages (QAB) belonging to Pepsi Americas soft-drink manufacturer plans to invest over 100 million USD in a new plant located in the Military district of western Bucharest, the Gandul daily writes.

The factory will include warehouses and the Company’s offices covering about 50,000 sqm, whereas its whole area measures 80,000 sqm, Holmes pointed out.
The factory’s first development stage means to get non-carbonated soft-drink cans production line installed and operational. This stage is scheduled to be completed in Q2 of 2009 and 40 million USD is planned to be invested by then.
The next stage to end by early 2010 will relocate several operational Bucharest-based QAB production lines to Covasna (central), as well as many other Pepsi factories from abroad.
In the last stage, Americas Pepsi will enlarge the warehouses and the auxiliary spaces of the Militari-based factory.
At present, the Company’s annual bottling capacity amounts to round 80 million bottle crates, and it is to grow to almost 100 million crates immediately after the new factory starts production.
The new factory will make production grow by 205 bottling capacities and the Company will number by round 20% more employees, Holmes added.
Pepsi Americas entered Romania through taking over Quadrant-Amroq Beverages, which former local PepsiCo bottler merged with in 2006. Last year, the Company earned a turnover worth 195 million USD, currently ranking second biggest player on the local soft drinks market.

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