Romania is among top-six European countries by net money inflows

The Romanian mutual funds have made it to the European top six countries by net money inflows in the first six months of this year, even though the value of such inflows was low at just 29 million euros, shows a half-yearly report of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).
The local market has mainly benefited from the investors’ re-orientation to the bond funds worth 20 million euros out of the total net inflows representing the amounts invested in such funds.
The bulk of this amount, 15 million euros, was attracted in the second quarter-year.
The rankings are topped by Luxembourg, with net inflows at more than 6.2 billion euros. Next are placed the UK, Liechtenstein, Norway, Romania and Slovakia. All the other countries registered net outflows, the EFAMA said.
The money withdrawal from trust funds from the European market kept on in the second quarter as well, with net exits totaling 59 billion euros; this compares to 42 billion euros in the first 3 months. Such a development was the result of a strong reversal of situation at the level of the money funds that switched to net outflows worth 18 billion euros in the second quarter down from 82 billion euros worth of net inflows in Q1.
On the other hand, the money exits from the share funds slowed down significantly from 76 billion euros in Q1 to 16 billion euros in Q2. The EFAMA representatives say such a development is “encouraging”, taking into account the losses made in spring and the uncertainty prevailing in the stock markets.
Except for the markets of the Czech Republic, Ireland and Slovakia, the assets of the trust funds from all the other European markets recorded a drop in the first half-year, the EFAMA report says.

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