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Volume of trade exchanges between Romania and Ukraine, one billion dollars in first 6 months

The volume of trade exchanges between Romania and Ukraine topped one billion dollars in the first 6 months of 2008 and is expected to reach two billion dollars by December 31, according to Ukraine’s Ambassador to Romania, His Excellency Markiyan Z Kulyk.
“The level of two billion dollars is low enough, considering the possibilities of our countries. The volume of the exchanges should be 10 billion dollars and this figure should not be a limit,” said Ukraine’s Ambassador.
According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ukraine is Romania’s second partner in exports among the countries outside the European Union.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the City of Bucharest (CCIB) will also cooperate with Ukraine’s Embassy in Bucharest in order to make easier the contacts between the business environments in the 2 countries.

“The volume of the trade exchanges between the 2 countries must increase,” said CCIB president Sorin Dimitriu during a meeting he recently had with Ukrainian officials.In order to give an impetus to the economic exchanges between Romania and Ukraine the Bucharest Chamber will organize an economic mission in Ukraine with companies from Bucharest and the other regions of Romania in the first quarter of next year.
According to CCIB, His Excellency Markiyan Z Kulyk suggested to the Romanian side to consider, for the economic mission, besides Kiev, Odessa and Cernauti, the eastern region of Ukraine, which had a high economic potential.
“The strategy of the new CCIB managers provides for the a amplification of the economic exchanges with Ukraine,” also added president Sorin Dimitriu. But to get this result, one of the actions aimed at is the efficient cooperation with the Ukrainian organizations similar to CCIB. “The economic mission of the Ukrainian Chamber in the first part of next year might be efficient for both sides, namely to end in contracts if one considers the organization in Bucharest of a meeting with the presents of the Chambers in Odessa, Kiev and Cernauti to prepare the event in detail and to make operational the protocols that have already been signed with the chambers in the above-mentioned cities,” said the CCIB president.
Sorin Dimitriu appreciated on the other hand that it is possible for the higher education institutes in Ukraine to get involved in European projects as part of some consortia including entities from EU member and non-member states. One has to consider the fact that CCIB is already involved in such projects and has the necessary expertise to carry them out.
One of the subjects dealt with by the two sides was the works in Krivoy Rog, both sides agreeing to the necessity to solve this question as soon as possible.

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